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Poliwhirl / Aug 22, 2016

Great Job Everyone! We adapted, we overcame, and we swept the floor with that over-grown earwig! We got passed the first real wall in AQ40, now let's get our NR gear together and start raking in the tier 2.5 pieces!

Poliwhirl / Aug 10, 2016

There we were, all doing whatever it is we do...when suddenly... Erlocha sounded the drums of War and Dragonslaying, pulled up his trouser by his striped yellow suspenders, and announced, "HERE YEE HERE YEE THY AZUREGOS IS UP!!"So we went with 16 ...

Poliwhirl / Jul 18, 2016

Yesterday we entered BWL with a full 40 for the first time in the history of Myriad, and we walked out of there with a new progression achievement of 4/8 Blackwing Lair. We have proven once again, that we are an incredible guild, full of awesome i...